Our bikes and GPS devices

Of course every cycling holiday starts with a good bike. All our bikes are of decent quality and they are well maintained. During our cycling holidays we would like to make sure you don't miss anything. We offer comfortable and modern equipped bicycles, e-bikes and GPS navigation.

Eye4Cycling has several types of rental bicycles, so that a suitable rental bike is available for every bike holiday. The bikes have 21, 24 or 27 gears. If in stock, a gell saddle is also a possibility. During a cycling holiday it is important that you ride your bycycle as comfortably as possible. Therefore we offer the choice of different types of bicycles:

  • e-bikes
  • trekkingfietsen
  • mountainbikes

We would Like to hear your height in time so that we can reserve the right bike for you.

With the group tours we help you if you have a breakdown on the road. If you rent a bike for an individual trip, we also want you to be on your way safely. We provide a set with the following parts:

  • reserveband
  • plakspullen
  • multitool (gereedschap)
  • kettingpons en quicklink (in geval van kettingbreuk)
  • fietspomp
  • fietsslot

On a bike holiday with an e-bike

A nice cycling holiday and the comfort of an e-bike? During our cycling holiday you can choose to ride an e-bike. We would Like to hear this in time so we can book this e-bike for you.

Eye4Cycling e-bike

Cycling with GPS navigation

Cycling with a GPS navigation instead of route directions is more and more preferable for cyclists. For years we have been a great supporter of cycling using a GPS. What could be better than simply following the line on the screen, so that you can enjoy all the beauty around you while cycling? No stress over a missed exit or a missed identification point in the directions.

What are the advantages of GPS navigation during a cycling holiday?

  • Optimaal gebruiksgemak voor én tijdens het fietsen
  • Makkelijk van de route afwijken voor bijvoorbeeld een bezichtiging of koffiepauze
  • Goed overzicht van de afgelegde kilometers en hoogtemeters
  • Alle fietsroutes in één keer laden
  • Geen gedoe met een papieren beschrijving onderweg
  • Geen gps-ervaring noodzakelijk

Rent GPS navigation during the cycling holiday

We understand that not everyone is in possession of GPS navigation. To let everyone experience the convenience of a GPS, we offer our Garmin GPS navigation for rent on our bike tours.

If you rent a GPS with us, you will receive written instructions and an explanation. You will also receive an adapter and mounting material. We make sure that the cycling routes are already programmed before you start the cycling trip. It is necessary to recharge the GPS completely after cycling.