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Frequently asked questions and our answers

We can imagine that you have practical questions about the trips you can book with us. On this page we have collected a series of questions and answers that we get a lot.

General questions

How is the package price calculated?

The package prices quoted are based on prices per person, based on a stay of 2 people in one room.

Most rooms are now double rooms. The supplement for 1 person in a room varies per destination and is indicated on the trip.

When do I have to pay the fare?

The total fare must be paid at least 6 weeks before departure. You will receive the invoice via email. If you book within 6 weeks before the departure date, we will expect payment as soon as possible.

What do the letters LO and HP for?

LO stands for an overnight stay with breakfast (bed and breakfast). HP is an overnight stay based on half board (breakfast and dinner).

Do i have to pay extra for luggage transport?

Our luggage service is included in the packages, so you do not pay separately. However, you can also choose to carry the luggage on your bicycle.

The price overview lists included with each holiday page describes what is included and what things you need to arrange yourself.

Can i also book last minute?

Yes, this is possible, on the basis of availability.
You will receive the invoice via email. We kindly ask you to pay the sum on the day of booking.

What travel information do I receive from you?

Before the start of the trip you will receive the following documents:

  • Comprehensive day-to-day travel information;
  • Maps of cycling routes
  • Hotel list with additional information (tips & advice)
  • Directions and/or GPS routes (depending on destination)

All hotels are aware of your arrival, no hotel vouchers are required.

Can I use GPS routes or a navigation system during my cycling holiday?

Yes, we encourage the use of GPS navigation. All cycling routes are available in GPX format. If you do not have GPS navigation, you can rent it from us.

I've never cycled with a navigation device. Is that a problem?

If you rent a navigation device with us, you will receive a simple explanation.

All our navigation equipment is from the well-known brand Garmin, very user-friendly and easy to operate.

Am I obliged to wear a helmet?

During group travels wearing a helmet is obligatory. In Macedonia and Spain cycling helmets are manditory. In the individual travels ou can decide yourself whether to wear a helmet or not.

We advise to always wear a helmet for safety reasons.

Do I have to book flight tickets myself?

Yes, you book the flight tickets yourself. Nowadays you can easily book tickets via internet.

Which travel agencies is Eye4Cycling connected to?

Eye4Cycling is a Dutch company, registered with the Chamber of Commerce, and affiliated with the Association of Small-Scale Travel agencies (VVKR).

This organisation can be compared to the ANVR, only it is aimed at small-scale travel organisations and promotes the interests of the members.

We are also affiliated with the Guarantee Fund for Specialized Tour Operators (GGTO). You pay €15.00 per booking to the guarantee fund.

Is there a tour leader in the Eye4Cycling holidays?

A Dutch or English speaking contact person is available during all our cycling holidays.

In the group tours there is always a cycling Dutch tour leader present. During the group travels in Turkey, Macedonia and Northern Greece there is always a follow-on car that will drive the entire route.

I read on the website that cycling trips have a fixed journey time. Can this also be deviated from?

Our cycling holidays generally have a fixed travel time, but it is certainly possible to adjust this. Eye4Cycling specialises in customised travel, so that we can take your wishes into account.

Can I also book single room on a trip?

Yes, all travel destinations offer single rooms, subject to availability.

Our accommodations charge a supplement for a single room or double room with single occupancy. The amount of this supplement is described in the information for each holiday on our website.

I travel alone and would like to share a room with another participant. Is that possible?

Yes this is possible, provided there is another person (same sex) who has indicated that they want to share a room. This is also called a room in classification.

If no other participant is available, the single supplement will be charged.

What kind of accommodation can I expect during the cycling holiday?

You stay overnight, some locations excepted, in small-scale hotels that are characterised by its own personal atmosphere with friendly and helpful staff. The quality of the accommodations range from simple to luxurious but above all they always offer a good price/ratio.

All hotels, except a few, have a good traditional kitchen.

I'm vegetarian, can specific dietary needs be taken into account?

You can indicate specific dietary needs on the booking form.

Do I pay booking fees at Eye4Cycling?

No, you do not pay a booking fee.

We want to book a trip with you as a group, can we get a discount on the package?

Groups from 6 persons are eligible for an attractive discount on the travel package. This can vary by travel destination.

Frequently asked questions about group holidays

When is departure guaranteed for a group holiday?

For the group holidays to Macedonia, Turkey and Northern Greece we have a minimum number of 5-6 participants.

For the group holidays to Ibiza and Andalusia we have a minimum of 8 participants.

If I choose a group holiday, do I always have to ride with the group?

No, you are free to venture out on your own using (rent) GPS navigation.

What does the daily schedule in a group holiday look like?

Every evening, the tour guide will give an explanation for the next day's cycling route.

In the morning all bike routes start after breakfast, between 9:30-10:00 am.

The group holidays have a recreational character, giving you plenty of time for sightseeing and photos. In addition, several moments of rest are built in for eating and drinking. Most routes end on average between 15:00 – 16:00 hours at the (next) hotel.

Frequently asked questions about the bikes

Can I bring my own bike?

Of course you are free to bring your own bicycle. Please mind; you must take care of the transport of your bicycle to the travel destination yourself. For the use of your own bicycle we charge a supplement of € 40.00 per bike.

On all travel destinations, we use good-quality and well-maintained rental bikes. We advise you to make use of a rental bicycle.

Do we get a discount on the cycling holiday if we decide to carry the luggage ourselves in an individual cycling holiday?

You will receive a discount on the package price when you choose to carry the luggage yourself during an individual cycling holiday. This discount varies per travel destination.

What comes included with the rental bikes?

When the rental bike is issued you will receive the following materials:

  • lock
  • bicycle pump
  • spare tire
  • toolkit
  • repair kit

A number of destinations also include bike bags, which can be booked in advance and are charged on site.

We gladly receive your height before starting the bike holiday, so we can arrange for the right bike.

Do I have to pay a deposit for the rental bike?

The bike rental company can charge a deposit. However, you remain entirely responsible for the bicycle during the rental period. So make sure that the bike is always locked when you leave it behind somewhere.

I own a nice bike saddle. Can I take it with me?

Yes, our own pedals and saddles can be mounted on the rental bike for you.

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