Bike holiday Airborne route: 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands

5 or 7 day self-guided cycling holiday in the vicinity of Nijmegen and Arnhem

Ancient landscape originated in the ice age

This cycling holiday takes you through one of the oldest landscapes in the Netherlands. Formed in the ice age when glaciers propelled the hills into ramparts. Later, the rivers found the Rhine and the Meuse here their way to the North Sea and formed the Dutch Delta. Because the area is above sea level, habitation took place here in the third century by hunter peoples. Their burial mounds are still recognizable in the country. Later, the border of the Roman Empire, the Limes, ran through this area. Nijmegen was a large Roman establishment and thus one of the oldest places in the Netherlands. The ramparts and rivers also formed natural boundaries and became therefore often a battlefield of war and devastation.

A Bridge Too Far

World famous was the area by the film 'A Bridge Too Far' that told the story of Operation Market Garden: the Airborne airlandings and fights in September 1944. World War II has left deep traces. During operation Market Garden, the Allies tried to get the German army to their knees with large-scale airlandings near Arnhem and Nijmegen, thus shortening the war. The operation largely failed and later led to the harsh famine in large parts of the Netherlands.

Cycling past visible memories: 75th anniversary liberation of the Netherlands

Many of these historical events have left visible memories. Museums and the listening spots along the way tell the story of the long road to freedom. At the same time, the routes carry you through a variety of special and beautiful landscapes.

The cycle routes are between 37 and 55 km long and are easy to cycle using so-called junctions. Signs indicate the connecting nodes. The cycle routes are also available in GPX format.

You can choose a Rentbike, but you can also use your own bike.

Two different places to stay

During your cycling holiday you will stay in luxury 4-star hotels in two different locations, in Berg en Dal and Wageningen. You start the journey in Berg en Dal, south of Nijmegen, for the first cycling rides. During the second part of your trip you will cycle to the next hotel in Wageningen where your luggage is waiting for you upon arrival. From the hotel in Wageningen you cycle the remaining routes of your cycling holiday.

The holiday in a nutshell

During the cycle routes in the vicinity of Berg en Dal, you will get acquainted with a wide variety of landscapes, such as the river landscape of Maas and Niers and the damry landscape near Groesbeek. The cycle routes pass through numerous historic sites, monuments and listening spots. A cycle path leads you along an old railway line to the German city of Kleve on the edge of the imposing Reichswald, a historic site because of the Airborne airlandings.

You cross the famous bridge of Nijmegen and cycle along and typical Dutch polder landscapes through the Betuwe. The hotel in Wageningen is located on a reservoir overlooking the Lower Rhine River. During the second part of the journey, the cycle routes include Arnhem, Oosterbeek and the Kröller-Müller Museum in Park De Hoge Veluwe.

Travel period

This special cycling holiday can be booked from March to November. You can start on Thursday or Friday, regardless of the desired travel time of 5 or 7 days.

5-Daagse fietsreis

Dag 1.  Aankomst hotel Berg en Dal

Dag 2.  Bevrijdingsroute of Reichswald-route (50 km / 50 km)

Dag 3.  Berg en Dal- Wageningen (37 km)

Dag 4.  Airborne-route of Hoge Veluwe-route (40 km / 55 km)

Dag 5. Wageningen-Berg en Dal (45 km) en dan vertrek

  • 2 Overnachtingen in Berg en Dal
  • 2 Overnachtingen in Wageningen


7-Daagse fietsreis

Dag 1.  Aankomst hotel Berg en Dal

Dag 2.  Bevrijdingsroute (50 km)

Dag 3.  Reichswald-route (50 km)

Dag 4.  Berg en Dal-Wageningen (37 km)

Dag 5.  Airborne-route (40 km)

Dag 6.  Hoge Veluwe-route (55 km)

Dag 7. Wageningen-Berg en Dal (45 km) en dan vertrek

  • 3 Overnachtingen in Berg en Dal
  • 3 Overnachtingen in Wageningen


  • 4 or 6 hotel nights in 4-star hotels based on bed and breakfast
  • luggage transport from the hotel in Berg en Dal to the hotel in Wageningen
  • Detailed travel information
  • directions and map material
  • CyclingRoutes in GPX-format
  • Useful tips and advice on the go
  • Technical support for defect ing to Rent


  • Travel to start and final destination
  • Rentbike (hybrid, e-bike or tandem)
  • Other meals
  • Drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Customer Contribution Guarantee Fund GGTO

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Airborne-route: 75-jarig jubileum van de bevrijding van Nederland

Nederland (omgeving Nijmegen en Arnhem), hoteltrektocht, 5 of 7 dagen (individueel)

Prijzen per persoon (op basis van 2 personen per kamer)

Individuele reis (GPS), logies en ontbijt, bagagevervoer
Prijzen zijn gebaseerd op een minimum aantal van 2 personen.


5-Daagse reis

Maart t/m juni 2020 € 349,-
Juli en augustus 2020 € 369,-
September t/m november 2020 € 349,-
Toeslag halfpension (2-gangen à la carte) € 110,-
Eenpersoonstoeslag € 150,-
Huur hybride, 24 versnellingen € 45,-
Huur e-bike, 10 versnellingen € 80,-
Huur tandem € 75,-


7-Daagse reis

Maart t/m juni 2020 € 529,-
Juli en augustus 2020 € 549,-
September t/m november 2020 € 529,-
Toeslag halfpension (2-gangen à la carte) € 165,-
Eenpersoonstoeslag € 200,-
Huur hybride, 24 versnellingen € 75,-
Huur e-bike, 10 versnellingen € 120,-
Huur tandem € 125,-