8-day mountain bike trip in the south west of North Macedonia

Self-guided (min. 2 persons) or in group (from 4 persons)

North Macedonia is still an unknown destination for many people, especially for mountain bike enthusiasts. That's a shame because there is so much beauty to discover! During the mountain bike tour in North Macedonia you will stay in 5 different places in surprising accommodations.

This trip can be booked from 2 people (self-guided). All routes are driven using GPS navigation During this trip all (baggage) transfers and accommodations are arranged for you. This mountain bike trip can also be booked as group travel, accompanied by a guide.

After arriving at the airport of Ohrid, the journey begins towards the National Park Mavrovo. The surroundings are characterised by deep valleys, interspersed with mountain pastures, rippling rivers and endless forests.

On day 3 you will cycle from the lake of Mavrovo to the more south based Lazaropole. A beautiful route over vast mountain pastures with herds of sheep and goats. Lazaropole is a centuries-old village, deeply hidden between the mountains and not yet discovered by tourism.

Then the trip continues to the accommodation in Vevchani, an Italian-like village with old churches and many water springs. This village is situated at an altitude of about 800 meters and offers a nice view over the valley, Lake Ohrid and the mountain massif of the Galicica National Park.

After a drive through the valley of Ohrid, it is time for 2 rides through the Galicica National Park. This park is sandwiched between Lake Ohrid and the Prespa Lake. These 2 lakes are among the cleanest water areas in the world. The Prespa Lake is known for the many bird species that are spotted here. For example, pelicans are often present.

After an overnight stay in Otesevo, we have the last ride of this cycling holiday. During this bike ride the east side of Mount Galicica is climbed, before descending again to Ohrid.

Mountain biking in Macedonia

During this bike you will be introduced to the beautiful North Macedonia. It exists for about 65% of mountains and mountainous terrain. Especially in the southwest of the country there are several national parks. In Northern Macedonia, the accent is on flora, fauna, culture and history. In short, a fantastic country to discover by mountain bike. You cycle almost literally from one national park to another! During this challenging cycling trip you will cycle through the national parks of Mavrovo and Galicica.

North Macedonia has a rich history and that can be seen everywhere. In particular, the Turkish influences resulting from centuries-long domination by the Ottoman Empire are reflected in the Macedonian culture. In addition, Ohrid, situated on the lake of the same name, is also called the City of the 365 monasteries; 1 for every day.

In addition, it is the chance to get acquainted with the friendly people and the delicious dishes of the Macedonian cuisine!

Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Mavrovo-Vrben-Mavrovo, ride 1: 65 km (900 ascending meters)
Day 3: Mavrovo-Lazaropole, ride 2: 55 km (1.200 ascending meters)
Day 4: Lazaropole-Vevchani, ride 3: 85 km (800 ascending meters)
Day 5: Vevchani-Ohrid, ride 4: 63 km (1.200 ascending meters)
Day 6: Ohrid-Otesevo, ride 5: 42 km (750 ascending meters)
Day 7: Otesevo-Ohrid, ride 6: 55 km (1.100 ascending meters)
Day 8: Transfer to Ohrid Airport


  • 7 hotel nights with breakfast based on a double room
  • Dinner on day 6
  • 6 challenging rides
  • Map of the area
  • English-speaking contact person in Ohrid (self-guided trip only)
  • Lunch on day 2 to 7 (group travel only)
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and snacks on the go (only for group travel)
  • Support vehicle (group travel only)
  • Luggage transport (only for group travel)
  • Dutch/English-speaking guidance (group travel only)


  • Return flight Ohrid
  • Airport transfers
  • Single supplement
  • Dinners (except day 6), drinks and others (self-guided travel only)
  • personal expenses
  • Rent mountain bike 26 inch or 29 inches
  • Rent helmet
  • Rent GPS navigation
  • Travel, cancellation and bicycle insurance
  • Customer Contribution Guarantee Fund GGTO

Raymond, I would like to thank you and Peter very warmly for the grandiose days in Macedonia: The beautiful surroundings, excellent accommodation, good cycling and especially the delicious lunches in the most beautiful places. The trip was well cared for and when I suddenly had to leave early, you arranged it perfectly. I am very happy to come back to you for the next bike trip. Greetings, Klaas
20 September 2016

From 3 September until 8 September mountain biking in Macedonia. Six days of cycling with a group we know from ice skating, plus some friends of friends. We were ultimately with a group of 13 men. Our athletic levels were very different. However, this was not a problem for the organization of Eye4Cycling under the leadership of Raymond. With the help of GPS and route guidance, little groups of people that found each other in the right challenge formed naturally. The afternoon breaks are usually a meeting of the entire group, so we could enjoy a nice lunch together. At the end of the day there were spontaneous conversations, after which we got to know each other even better. In six days we travelled a distance of 375 km with a total of 7646 ascending meters. It was a fantastic sporting week. RAYMOND THANKS FOR THE GOOD ORGANIZATION..
20 September 2016

The Macedonia MTB Tour was challenging and adventurous in rare beautiful nature. A high level of sportsmanship and not something for wimps. Excellently organized by Raymond and excellent route information on the Garmins. Recommended for sporty riders who want something different. In 2014 we cycled Taurus Mountains in Turkey with Eye4cycling and that was also an excellent trip. Raymond, what are we going to do next year?
21 September 2016

Haije D.
A beautiful ride with many challenges and good food with pleasant accommodation
21 September 2016

Hans Borren
Macedonia 2-9 September 2016. Due to the enthusiastic stories of my friend Michiel about previous mountainbike vacations led by Raymond Bouwer to a.a. Turkey, I had signed up for the Mountainbike – Tour of Macedonia this year. After a smooth flight we were picked up with 2 vans from the airport of Ohrid, one for us and one for the luggage including some bikes in large suitcases. I Myself had a good rental bike through Raymond for this week. The first few days we stayed in the Mavrovo National Park. Very beautiful nature and beautiful views. Then we had a rather long and heavy stage from Lazaropole to Vevchani, more than 90 km and 2100 ascending meters. In addition, it was quite warm that day. The days later, Macedonia was shrouded under a thick cloudy deck and it rained a lot. For this reason the stage to Ohrid was shortened slightly, which gave us the opportunity to admire the citadel of Ohrid and the old chapel with frescoes right next to it. We stayed in a pleasant hotel by the lake and we had that day time to stroll through Ohrid quietly. On Wednesday morning it still rained, but around 11 o'clock the clouds lifted and we started a 2 hour climb to the Galicia National Park. The high plateau above was a highlight in the week. More so, almost all bikes were slowly stuck in the fine red mud that was sticking to wheels, brakes, chains and derailleurs. Like every day, Raymond and Peter just finished their drinks and refreshments at the right time. My bike, however, was jammed and the derailleur had broken. I secured my chain with tie wraps, walked for another half an hour and then went down 18 km to the Prespa Lake. Great view. The last cycling day went over the old (cobblestone) road to Bitola and from there steeply up to Molika in the Pelister National Park. This day I was sitting on a slightly too small rental bike, but I got up. My overall impression of Macedonia: beautiful nature, but as soon as you come into the inhabited world there is lots of waste along the way and in the streams, car wrecks and collapsed houses, not completed houses and bad roads. The company was very pleasant which made good for that. The tour guide was attentive and in a good mood. Hans Borren
21 September 2016

North Macedonia, hotel trek 8 days (group)
Group travel, guidance, bed and breakfast, luggage transport, trailer
Prices per person

Price Group: From € 649,- p.p.
(Based on 2 persons per room; departure guarantee at least 4 participants)

North Macedonia, hotel trek 8 days (self-guided)

Self-guided trip (GPS), bed and breakfast, luggage transport
Prices are based on a minimum of 2 people.


May, June, September, October € 599,-
July, August € 649,-
Single supplement € 100,-
Airport transfers
(arrival on and departure from Ohrid)
€ 45,-

North Macedonia, rental bike and GPS
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Rent MTB 26 inch, 6 days € 100,-
Rent MTB 29 inch, 6 days € 130,-
Rent GPS € 50,-