11-day cycling tour North Macedonia and Albania

10 nights based on bed and breakfast

During the 11-day bike tour of North Macedonia and Albania, you can cycle self-guided or in a group along the most beautiful places. Think of an overnight stay in an old monastery and cycling along many rivers and lakes. We have created this cycling tour with great care.

North Macedonia and Albania are perfect countries for making a cycling holiday. These beautiful and still quite unknown (cycling) countries in the Balkans are characterized by beautiful nature, rich history, friendly people and traffic-poor well paved roads.

Cycling in North Macedonia

While cycling in North Macedonia you will discover the rich history of the country. In particular the Turkish influences are reflected in the Macedonian culture, due to centuries-long domination by the Ottoman Empire. During this cycling tour you spend 1 night in a magnificent monastery: the monastery of Sveti Naum. At one of the most beautiful places on Lake Ohrid! The monastery is best known for the monks Sveti Naum and Sveti Clement, pupils of Cyril and Methodius, the founding fathers of the Cyrillic script.

You cycle through nature parks and along the way you will pass many rivers and no less than 4 lakes.

Ohrid, located on the lake of the same name, is also called the site of the 365 monasteries; one for every day. During this cycling holiday there is ample opportunity to visit some of these beautiful buildings.

Cycling in Albania

For centuries Albania was a corner of the Ottoman Empire and since the fall of the communist regime in 1991, it has been a parliamentary democracy. While cycling in Albania, you will notice that a lot has been invested in the infrastructure of the country.

Halfway through this trip you pass the Albanian border at Kafasan and cycle along the Albanian part of Ohrid and Prespa Lake. Along the Ohrid lake in Albania there is a beautiful cycle path of 20 km long.

Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Tour Mavrovo-Lake, 32 km (250 ascending meters)
Day 3: Mavrovo-Debar, 53 km (200 ascending meters)
Day 4: Debar-Vevcani, 48 km (450 ascending meters)
Day 5: Tour Vevcani, (49 km)
Day 6: Vevcani-Pogradec (Albania), 50 km (500 ascending meters)
Day 7: Pogradec-Otesevo (Macedonia), 72 km (1,000 ascending meters)
Day 8: Otesevo-Sveti Naum, 35 km (750 ascending meters)
Day 9: Sveti Naum-Ohrid, 48 km (400 ascending meters)
Day 10: Free day in Ohrid; no bike program
Day 11: Transfer to Airport


  • 10 nights on the basis of bed and breakfast (on day 7 dinner is included)
  • All (luggage) transfers, but excluding airport transfers
  • Routes in GPX format
  • Map of the area and information booklet about Ohrid
  • Dutch-/English-speaking contact person


  • Airline tickets
  • Airport transfers
  • Lunch and dinner (dinner in Otesevo is included)
  • Drinks and other refreshments
  • Rent bike: trekking bike or e-bike
  • Rent GPS navigation
  • Single supplement
  • Travel, cancellation and bicycle insurance
  • Customer Contribution Guarantee Fund GGTO

Hendrik and Marianne Westenbrink
We have made the 11-day cycling holiday in North Macedonia and Albania in mid-August 2019. A fantastic experience! Clear route descriptions with practical tips and the GPS was also very convenient!
It was a surprising trip every day, lots of natural beauty. Sometimes tough climbs and beautiful panoramas. And it was always exciting arriving at the next hotel, they were all fine. It was very hot, sometimes above 40 °C, exceptional for this region! The service when we had an issue with the E-bike was excellent. As for us: an absolute must 👍
August 2019

Wiefse Coebergh
Wow, what a great trip this was, walking and cycling in Macedonia! Everything was perfectly arranged with very personal assistance. We were so excited that we immediately pursuaded a few people to take this trip too when we were at the airport on our way home. We had asked for a combination of cycling and walking, a great combination for us. On the bike you see more of the country and you penetrate deeper into the beautiful national parks while walking. The organization by Eye4cycling left nothing to be desired for. Everything nicely tailored, with daily text messages about what we could expect from the bike tour. Good bikes, nice rides, good tools and nice spacious, striking panniers to take with us. The national parks are beautiful, but walking routes are hard to find. All routes are marked with red and white. Sign cards are paled by the sun and therefore hardly legible so you can easily walk the wrong way. But even if you walk, it's beautiful everywhere. Recommended!
July 2019

Ton and Rita van Haastert
We have been on a cycling holiday in Macedonia/Albania in June. It was amazing!! It is a very quiet and green land, with mostly good roads. The routes are very diverse; through the mountains with lots of trees, through the valley with beautiful flowers and lots of vistas. Also, the accommodations differed from each other and they were all fine, especially Lakeview and Saint Naum. If you love cycling and have some level of fitness, it's super fun!!
We experienced the entire organization and Raymond's personal guidance as superb!!
(and Ton enjoyed the mountain bike tour that he made on a day off with Raymond and some Macedonian friends).
Thanks Raymond, we're already looking forward to a next trip!!
June 2019

Christien Berben
I really enjoyed our holiday with eye4cycling! Macedonia is a stunning green country. Very hilly, yet very beautiful. I managed the bike riding very well, thank to the ebike you rented for me. You need to be in a good physical condition to be riding a normal bike. If you are then I don't think age matters that much. And of course you attitude towards climbing hills also makes a difference.
I did enjoy the stunning vistas. But i would have loved to have a break at a terrace a little more often, and not only ride more kilometers on the bike. I am aware of the fact that a country like Macedonia doesn't have a lot of terraces along the route. We didn't see them in any case, while normally that is an important part of a cycling holiday.
So the holiday was amazing but we did miss that, all four of us!
June 2019

Hans Kaandorp
11 Day Bicycle Tour Macedonia, May 2015 Beautiful Cycling tour around lakes and through beautiful natural parks. Beautiful, quiet routes on good roads and some pieces of dirt through a farming landscape. All around you flowers, lizards and special birds, including pelicans. Trips to a waterfall, a reconstructed village on stilts in the water, monastery, church and even to Albania. The inhabitants are friendly and hospitable and the prices are pleasantly low. The hotels are well chosen and quite different. Ohrid is a cosy place to spend a rest day. Excellent accompaniment and care by Raymond and Simone. Really recommended.
May 2015

Jannie and Henk
What a privilege to make the first bicycle trip in Macedonia. Great for a nice trip, a must for everyone who likes to cycle through nature. You really encounter everything, so many variations in "green", flowers, blooming and then the birds, even peacocks and pelicans. Sleep in very idyllic places, like in a monastery or in a hotel by the lake, where the pelicans swim almost at your feet. In short we enjoyed this bike trip. This was made possible by the good organization of Raymond (and care of Simone), who can manage it again to knot together these routes over mountains and through nice villages with lots of interesting sights. Thumbs up, Raymond. We are already looking forward to the next, haha.
28 May 2015

Lea and Hans
Macedonia, a must! A beautiful bike country with climbs and many descents. Every day was again promising and full of surprises. Well organized by Raymond and Simone. Every Bike Tour was perfectly balanced with rest breaks, picnics and lunch. It brought us to many beautiful idyllic places on several lakes with lots of greenery and flowers, waterfalls, monasteries, churches and orchards. Every day we were rewarded with a lovely little restaurant with a nice atmosphere and friendliness, delicious food, wine and of course beer. The rest day in Ohrid was also pleasant, very worthwhile. A town located directly on the lake with lots of culture and shops, with a boulevard full of terraces that exudes tranquillity. In short, a country that is still untouched. Finally thumbs up for the organization by Raymond and Simone, knowledgeable, warm and cordial, Thanks for these fantastic days! Lea and Hans
30 May 2015

The cycling holiday in Macedonia on May 12th was another great experience. Certainly because it was the first trip and we had no response yet, except for Raymond and Belinda himself. But What has been said was completely true. It is a very nice country for cycling. Great roads and nice and quiet. Mostly by Beautiful nature. Lots of green and fast flowing mountain streams. Even the snow was still visible on the mountain tops. The lakes were a landmark in themselves. Especially lake Prespa with a mysterious light and its pelicans. Great for swimming although the water was still on the cold side. Take water shoes with you. The tours were fine to do, sometimes a little difficult climb but then the reward, a wonderful descent. The location of the hotel was very good. Nice picnic areas where we enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by Simone. I have enjoyed tremendously and look back on a wonderful holiday. Thanks Raymond for the fantastic tours you have come up with for us. Also the bikes were super. Macedonia is a real must! Regards, Joke
2 June 2015

Eye4cycling has once again put on a very nice cycling holiday. The second group tour in Macedonia on 30 June was a wonderful experience. A landscape what to describe is already a mix between the French Alps and South Austrian lakes areas. The routes were about relatively good roads with little traffic, although it remains watchful for a single fast passing Mercedes. Fortunately no aggressive dogs or other bike discomforts, you can have very relaxing cycling. Along some routes plenty of fruit, nuts etc in the trees, delicious for the lovers. Hotels were fine, usually directly on the water so that after the bike tour a lovely dip in the lake can be taken with crystal clear water and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. You can eat everywhere, but the portions are large and they love meat. Sometimes a salad with some bread is all you need. The Macedonians are modest and friendly people who usually speak some English. The hybrid bikes are a pleasure, cycling very light and do not pose a problem for a single stretch of unpaved road. However, a bicycle stand is missing which is difficult when you get off to take a picture for example. Trips are good to do, also the single longer climb in the second week. Fortunately in warm weather there is a reasonable amount of shadow on the route. I join the others: a real recommendation! Greetings Herman
13 July 2015

Jaap de Jong
An exciting eleven day (400 km) trip on the bikes, of course, trough Macedonia and even, for a few hours, in Albania. From Ohrid as the central operating place we made a trip along the Mavrovo Lake, Debar, Vevchani, Otesevo, Sint Naum and the Ohrid Lake. Nature is beautiful and fresh without pollution. Clear water, a lot of animals, fishes, butterflies and, not always a pleasure, insects. Saw for the first time pelicans in their natural habitat. So quiet we could hear frequently the noise of the living nature. Enjoyed the local wines and food. A straight farmers kitchen, using just natural products, without any adornment, very tasteful. Had a good stay thanks to the perfect organization by Eye4Cycling.
13 July 2015

Jan Zuurbier
Excellent Bike Ride. Not too heavy. Comfortable hotels, usually with the opportunity to swim. Good bikes. I had never been to Macedonia before. It is highly recommended. Beautiful rides through forests. Views over Lakes. Beautiful monasteries. And the city of Ohrid is not called the "Pearl of the Balkans" for nothing.
29 July 2015

Peter de Leur
Beautiful cycling holiday through a beautiful landscape. For the cyclist who loves a mountain.
29 July 2015

Fam. Bohmer
We have had a fantastic holiday with family (3 boys, 16, 14, 11). The bike was tough, but went well. Even our youngest could conquer all the hills. Nice variety cycling in the morning and swimming in the afternoon! Real reward for the boys. Beautiful nature and lakes. In short, a holiday not to forget!
13 August 2015

Lia Riemersma
Holidays September 2016 Macedonia We have been back in the Netherlands for a few weeks after a walking and cycling holiday in Macedonia. First we hiked with the four of us for a week. We started in Ohrid and from there we got a transfer every 2 days to the following places: Vevcani, Lazaropole and last place Mavrovo. In every place we have made beautiful walks in a WONDERFUL NATURE. All walks with their own character! The 12 day cycling holiday started on September 24th in Mavrovo, there we also met Simone, Raymond and the other cyclists. A nice group of 13 people. The cycle routes were sometimes snappy, sometimes on unpaved roads but good to do. What have we enjoyed Macedonia, what a fantastic Greenland with a friendly population. And of course also (and certainly very important), the good organization of EYE4CYCLING. The bike tours with lunches (cosy picnics). The carefully selected atmospheric hotels and certainly not in the last place the perfect bikes! As usual everything was perfectly arranged by Simone and Raymond. Both hiking and cycling holidays were PERFECT. Thanks. Jose, Jaap, Ton and Lia.
21 October 2016

North Macedonia and Albania, 11-day hotel trek (self-guided)

Self-guided trip (GPS), bed and breakfast, luggage transport

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May, June, September, October € 729,-
July, August € 779,-
Single supplement € 135,-
Single traveler supplement € 160,-
transfers(arrival on and departure of Ohrid)
€ 45,-

North Macedonia and Albania, 11-day hotel trek (group tour)

Group tour, guide, bed and breakfast, luggage transport, support vehicle

Prices per person

(Based on 2 persons per room; in case of a group trip a departure guarantee is valid for a minimum of 6 participants and the maximum number of participants is 12)


May 8 to May 18, 2020 € 790,-
September 18 to September 28, 2020 € 790,-
Single supplement € 135,-
transfers(arrival on and departure of Ohrid)
€ 35,-

North Macedonia and Albania, rent bike and GPS
Prices per person

Rent Ghost Hybrid - Panamo X3, 9 days € 120,-
Rent e-bike, 9 days € 195,-
Rent GPS, 9 days € 50,-